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Michigan Cycle Road Test requirements and locations

Road Test Requirements

There is no "motorcycle license" in Michigan. You must obtain a motorcycle endorsement that is added to your Michigan Driver’s License.

There are two ways to obtain a motorcycle endorsement. You can take a basic rider safety course. These are offered throughout Michigan so a rider can obtain skills on how to operate a motorcycle safely.

The other option is to take a road skills test.


  • A potential rider must obtain a Michigan motorcycle Temporary Instructional Permit (T.I.P) before they can take the road skills test. This allows a new rider to operate a motorcycle with another licensed motorcyclist to practice their skills.
  • The road skills test takes about a half hour to complete and the exercises are all conducted in a parking lot. There is no on-road operation of the motorcycle during the skills test.
  • When a rider successfully completes the road skills test, they may return to the Secretary of State office to obtain their motorcycle endorsement for their license.

Any person with a valid Michigan driver’s license can obtain a motorcycle endorsement.

  • If a person is UNDER 18, they must take a State of Michigan approved motorcycle operators safety course. There is no exception to this.
  • If a person is 18 OR OLDER, they have the choice to either take the basic safety course or take the road skills test. In either case, the potential operator must obtain a Michigan motorcycle Temporary Instructional Permit (T.I.P.) from the Secretary of State's Office.


  • The fee for the test is $40.00.

Michigan Motorcycle Road Test Locations

We have several locations for you to take your Michigan motorcycle road test. Test must be taken during daylight hours.

Grayling Driver Road Testing

Ramada Inn
2650 I-75 Business Loop, Grayling, MI 49738
Phone: 616-365-8188
Also offers automobile road testing. Grayling Motorcycle Road Tests are convenient for Gaylord, Michigan residents.

Directions: Meet in the northeast end of the parking lot by the cones.


Big Rapids Driver Road Testing

Mecosta County, PT Plus (for lease information Westwood Professional, LLC)
15200 220th Ave. Big Rapids, Michigan
Phone: 616-365-8188
Also offers automobile road testing.

Directions: PT Plus is on the opposite side of US-131 from Meijer. If you are in front of Meijer, travel away from town (west) across the expressway. As soon as you cross the expressway you will see a large church (Trinity). Turn right just before this church, and PT Plus will be the second building on the right.


Battle Creek Driver Road Testing

Calhoun County, Harper Creek High School
12677 Beatle Lake Dr., Battle Creek, Michigan 49017
Phone: 616-365-8188
Also offers automobile road testing.

Directions: This is the new high school on Beatle Lake Dr. Follow the signs to Binder Zoo. The site is in the auditorium parking lot. Looking at the front of the school, the site is to the left of the main entrance.